Wood Pellet Grill Recipes

If you have a wood pellet grill at home, you will need some great recipes to create some of the most delicious meals in the world.

Below we have included several of our favorite wood pellet grill recipes that are going to bring the taste of your meat to a whole new level.

Using a pellet grill can take your grilling experience to the next level, and with these recipes, you’ll be off to a good start.

We wish you the very best on your next cook!

Wood Pellet Grill Recipes for Pork

Pellet Grill Flavors

To smoke pork on your pellet grill we recommend that you buy 8 to 10 lbs. of meat; this specific recipe is for pork butt.

The first thing to do is to trim and score the pork butt down to the size that you want it to be.

Now—we leave this next part up to you—generously season the pork with the rub of your choosing. 

If you are stuck here, you cannot go wrong with some salt and pepper.

Set your pellet grill to smoke on 225°.

Keep checking the internal temperature of the meat and as soon as it is at 195°, it is ready to be taken off.

Now you can pull it and serve it!

Tri-tip steak

A picture of A beautifully grilled steak

Everyone loves a good steak and with your wood pellet grill, you can easily smoke some delicious ones!

The night before you plan to cook the steak, we recommend that you get your rub ingredients together.

Sometimes it can be as simple as salt and pepper, but find your favorite ingredients.

We tend to go with a mixture of garlic seasoning, pepper, coffee grounds (we are not kidding), onion powder, kosher salt, cumin, and brown sugar. All of this creates a fantastic rub.

The night before cooking, rub this generously all over the steaks and then place them in a Ziploc bag to refrigerate overnight.

You can also trim the meat as well removing any fat that you do not want.

The day of the cook, set your grill to 225°. You are going to want to smoke the steak to around 100° to 110°, depending on your preference. Then it is time to sear the meat.

Remove the meat, and change the temperature to 450° or 500°. Once it is this hot, sear each side of the steak until you feel you are absolutely happy with the color.

 If you want it to be a more rare and medium steak, which is our personal favorite, make sure the internal temperature is around 135°. Just a warning—if you do like it well done, if you go over 150°, the meat will lose a lot of its moisture and be very dry.

Herbed-butter turkey

Herbed-Butter Turkey

Turkey is one of the best meats, especially for leftovers and for special occasions.

If you are looking for a way to easily smoke a turkey on your grill, rather than cooking it inside an oven, this is definitely the recipe for you. There is nothing better than some seasoned butter on a turkey and this is going to completely satisfy your appetite around a holiday!

Just a quick note: You will have to thaw out the turkey beforehand (and this can take a bit of time).

The first thing you will need is two sticks of butter and your favorite herb mixture. This could be salt and pepper, garlic powder, whatever is your favorite!

Once you have the herb mixture, you combine room-temperature butter with the herbs. Mix this together very well and then lay it down on wax paper, and then roll it into a tube. Once this is done, freeze it overnight.

Preheat the grill to around 200°. Once your grill is preheated, simply place the turkey in it. When the turkey is on the grill, work the herb butter all over the bird’s skin, getting butter everywhere you can. Fill a spray bottle with melted butter and constantly spray the outside of the turkey.

Also have some chicken and Italian seasoning on hand for seasoning. The turkey needs to be well seasoned for a great taste.

Smoke at around 200° for 30 minutes. After that, cook it for around 3 hours at 325°, until the inside temperature is around 165°.

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