What You Should Look for in an Outdoor Grill?

There are fewer things better in life than relaxing in the yard on a nice day with friends and family while cooking up a feast on the grill. Outdoor grills are a staple in many households and with so many fantastic models available, knowing which one is best for your own needs can be difficult. 

With lots of considerations to make, it’s easy to get confused about what you should look for in an outdoor grills. 

You need to think about things like the number of people you cook for, how often you grill, where is the grill being stored, and what type of features you might need, which makes the buying process all the more complicated, espiecally if buying a grill for the first time. 

To make the process easier, here are some of the things that you should look for in an outdoor grill: 

Gas or Charcoal? 

Do you want a charcoal or gas-powered grill? Each one has their advantages, so think about what you might prefer so that you can look for a suitable grill.  Obviously, both are used outdoors.

Gas grills are popular because they offer more control over cooking temperatures, which makes cooking a lot easier, while the fuel costs are low which is good for people that grill frequently. Also, they are much easier to clean compared to charcoal and often come in larger sizes. 

Charcoal grills biggest advantage is easily the flavor they leave, with an unforgettable smoky taste left throughout the food. They’re usually more compact and easier to move around the yard, although getting the grill started takes a lot longer than a gas grill.   

A new style that is becoming popular is the pellet grill. We have some extensive posts on pellet grills if you want to learn more.


If going for the gas grill, look at the fuel source and choose one that is suitable for your needs. 

Propane gas is the most common fuel so its very easy to find at your local propane store, while it doesn’t need any gas lines connected to the grill itself like with natural gas, although natural gas will cost less over the long-term. 


Always look at the size of the cooking surface of any grill you might buy – you need to make sure you have enough space to cook for you guests!

Large grills are suitable for those special occasions where you have lots of guests and need to cook dozens of burgers and hotdogs, while a bigger cooking area is needed if you want to cook a whole turkey or chicken. 

Larger grills will cost more so bear this in mind, as a smaller cooking area is still fine if you’re only cooking for yourself and a few friends or family members. Also, smaller grills are easier to move around the yard and require less storage space.


The build of grill is very important as you want it to last! Moreover, outdoor grills are exposed to the elements so need to be built to withstand the long-term effects of the weather. 

Look for durable materials like stainless steel or cast iron, preferably with a coating to further increase the durability, espiecally against rusting and corrosion. Aluminum is also a good choice of material, being very lightweight and highly durable. 

Don’t just look at the main body though – inspect all aspects of construction including the grills and burners, the frame, wheels, handles etc. 


Certain features can take your outdoor grill to a whole new level, so always look out for certain features that you might want. 

For instance, a side burner is great for increasing cooking space, built-in thermometers make it easier to get the right internal temperature, while you may even want a smoker attachment for that incredible smoky flavor. 

There are dozens of features that you can find on an outdoor grill, so be sure to check these out and see what might be to your liking! 

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