Traeger BAC362 22 Series Grill and Smoker Review

Traeger BAC362 22 Series



​Craft amazing wood-fired creations with the Traeger Lil' Tex Elite 22 pellet Grill.




A lot of people think that in order to be able to smoke meats at home, they need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a smoker. This isn’t always the case.

For instance, you can get the Traeger BAC362 22 Series grill and smoker for less than $100, and it does the same job as the larger and more expensive models.

If you are short on cash, and don’t have a lot of space for a grill and smoker, this is one that you will seriously be interested in checking out.

You will be able to create your own delicious smoked meats easily and grill up some pretty tasty meals.

About The product

The Traeger BAC362 22 Series is a premium quality grill and smoker, manufactured by one of the most popular names in grilling.

It is made from the highest quality materials (cold rolled, powder-coated steel), so it is built to last for many, many years.

This grill includes a sawhorse-style cart with side plates, giving it extra stability. There is also a large side lift bar that makes it easy to move around.

You will be taking your backyard cooking skills up a few notches once you start using this grill and smoker, and you will become an expert at smoking and grilling in no time flat.

Who is this Grill For?

If you are looking for a large grill and smoker that you can use to cook for large crowds, this isn’t the grill and smoker for you.

But, if you have a small budget, and not a lot of space to work with, you will be very interested in what the Traeger BAC362 22 Series has to offer.

Traeger is one of the most popular name in grilling, with everything from the most basic models to top of the line grills and smokers for every type of back yard chef.

If this model isn’t exactly right for you, don’t worry, because you are sure to find a Traeger grill and smoker that will suit all of your grilling and smoking needs.

What’s Included?

Grill With Folding Shelf

If you are looking for a grill and smoker that is simplistic in design and easy to use, this is the one for you.

It doesn’t come with a whole lot of accessories, but there are all kinds of awesome Traeger accessories you can get to use with it, including all of the grilling and barbecue tools you could ever need.

When you open the box for the Traeger BAC362 22 Series, you will find the grill and smoker sections already attached. Other parts that you will need to attach yourself include the legs, wheels, and grease drip basket.

It also comes with a full-length grill cover to protect it from the elements.

Features Of the Traeger BAC362 22 Series

This is a compact grill and smoker, but it has the folding front shelf that ensures you have plenty of space for food prep.

This is also a great place to keep your tools while you are barbecuing and allow meat to rest so it is just right for serving.

It is small enough to fit on most decks, even apartment decks, but it offers huge benefits for anyone who wants to create delicious smoked meats, grilled dishes, and more.

Some of the best features of the Traeger BAC362 22 Series include:

Sawhorse-Style Cart

The cart ensures that this unit is going to be completely stable, both while in use and when you need to move it around. It has a large side lift bar, as well as side plates that give it lots of stability.


The Digital Pro controller ensures that all pre-set temperatures will stay right where you want them, with very little fluctuation (150° F ±).

This allows for precision cooking, so your smoked and grilled dishes come out perfect, every time.


This unit has dual probe meat thermometers that let you grill different cuts of meat at a variety of temperatures.

This is just one more way that the Traeger BAC362 22 Series ensures you will always serve up delicious grilled and smoked meats.

Natural Airflow

This versatile grill and smoker lets you smoke at temperatures as low as 180° F, or as high as 450°F.

There is a natural airflow inside the grill, so you can even use this unit for convection cooking. Imagine cooking pizza on your grill, or not having to flip your burgers or steaks.

The one thing we don’t like about the Traeger BAC362 22 Series is that there can be an issue with the control box.

But, if there are any manufacturer defects, you can take advantage of the limited Traeger warranty.

Assembling the Traeger BAC362 22 Series

Everything you need to assemble the Traeger BAC362 22 Series in less than an hour is included in the box, including the cart and wheels.

You will need to provide your own screwdriver, but all of the hardware is included.

Assembly is relatively easy, and the instructions are straightforward and easy to read. Once you have it all set up, you can start cooking right away.​

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Alternative Product

If you are interested in learning about similar products in the same price range, but that use charcoal instead of wood pellets, we have another option to consider.

The Char-Griller 2123 Wrangler has a 635 square-inch grill space, so you can cook plenty of burgers, chicken, ribs and more. This is an all-in-one unit, with the smoker and grill being in the same section.

Final Verdict

If you want to enjoy barbecuing, grilling, and smoking, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a huge, complicated grill and smoker, the Traeger BAC362 22 Series is one that you will want to learn more about.

It offers plenty of grilling space, and it even has a folding front shelf for food prep, allowing meat to rest before serving, etc. It easily folds down after use, so it is out of the way until you need to use it again.

You can easily create delicious grilled meals, and smoke meats to absolute perfection every time, on a unit that is small enough to fit easily on your deck.

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