Top Reasons Why You Should Be Grillin’ With Pellets

Who doesn’t like the smell and taste of food grilled to perfection?

It gets us drooling just thinking about it. Where we start to lose track of time is when we start to look at grilling options. We’ve had enough of charcoal and propane.

The cool kids in the neighborhood are grillin’ with pellets and that’s where we pick up the drooling part.

It’s a lot better than those other forms of fuel and just to show you we aren’t making any of that up, here’s a list of reasons to back us up.

Versatility, Baby!

A pellet grill can do a whole lot more than just grill.

You can use one to barbeque, roast, smoke, bake and braise. Talk about a grill stacked with secret weapons! A pellet grill can do all of this and not even break a sweat. Try that with your charcoal BBQ.

Quick To Start

A pellet grill is a lot like a gas grill in that both pre-heat quickly.

You know, ten or fifteen minutes and suddenly you are in the grill zone. The difference between both in this category is a pellet grill won’t typically flare up like your menopausal wife.

Precise Heating Temperatures

Heating Temperature Pellet Grill

Sure, grills of all kinds, especially the higher end ones, feature a nifty temperature control.

They tend to be labeled with the ranges of Hot, Hotter, Scorchin’ Hot, Lava Hot and Nuclear. With a pellet grill you can actually knock the temperature up or down 5-degrees at a time. Try that with charcoal and a candy thermometer.

Even Cooking

The best pellet grills work a bit like a convection oven in that you can cram the cooking zone with several different items and everything will get fair, equitable, even and level treatment.

It’s not like that in the real world where sometimes the pretty ones get better treatment. With your pellet grill looks don’t matter, even cooking does and that’s the way it goes.

Flavored Pellets

quality wood pellet types

You read that correctly.

You can buy pellets with different flavors such as maple, cherry, mesquite, hickory and bourbon.

We’re drooling again. Need an interesting smokey flavor for ribs?

Try a flavored pellet. It’s a lot easier than splashing bourbon on your charcoal grill for well, it will liven up the party but pretty much wreck the rest of the night.

Pellet Use Is Minimal

Feel like smoking some fish?

The best pellet grills will burn through about only half a pound of pellets an hour on that job. Flip it on high and you’re going to go through 2 ½-pounds per hour. That’s not a lot of pellets in the long run.

The Best Thing About Pellet Grills

Grilling Tragers Pellet Grill

We like that the best pellet grills do not require propane or charcoal.

In other words, you don’t need to have a match to light it up. Pellet grills just plug into a wall outlet because the fuel they use happens to be electricity. No fuss, no muss.

Plug it in, turn it on and start grillin’ with pellets!

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