The 10 Best High-Quality Pellet Grills in 2019







Camp Chef SmokePro LUX Pellet Grill

​Camp Chef SmokePro LUX Pellet Grill



Cookshack PG500 Fast Eddy's Pellet Grill

​Cookshack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill



Memphis Wood Fire Grill

​Memphis Grills Pro Pellet Grill



Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

​Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill



Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E 2019

​Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker


Grilling is one of the most satisfying ways to cook because of how much more hands-on it feels than other techniques. Of course, the benefit of the smoky flavor that you can only get from a grill is not one to be overlooked.

However, there are many different types of grills to choose from, and a rather uncommon option is the pellet grill.

For its relative lack of popularity, the pellet grill is one of the most convenient ways that you can barbecue. Pellet grills take the convenience of a propane grill and combine it with the flavor of a charcoal model.

Today, we’re going to cover ten of our favorite pellet grills on the market, so let’s get right to it.

#1. Winner - Camp Chef SmokePro LUX Pellet Grill

If you’re looking for a high-quality pellet grill and you’re willing to pay for additional features and superior build quality, the Camp Chef SmokePro LUX is one of the best options.

This grill comes equipped with an LED temperature gauge that will show you the internal temperature of the grill as well as the internal temperature of the food.

When it comes to temperature management, this grill uses a chip to keep track of the internal temperature and moderate it.

This feature helps ensure that you won’t have to deal with any hotspots or other issues that could result in your food being cooked unevenly.

The ash can cleanout system used in this grill also makes it simple to maintain once you’ve finished cooking with it. All you have to do is pull out the ash can and then dump the ashes before inserting it back into the grill.

Overall, this grill is designed to make your life easier and more convenient.

#2. Cookshack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill

The PG500 is a monster of a unit from Cookshack, and it provides you with over 780 square inches of cooking space.

This pellet grill also comes equipped with a digital temperature management chip which helps keep the heat uniform throughout the cooking space.

The electronic thermostat on this model allows you to keep precise track of the temperature, and the grill is equipped with a 36 000 BTU burner.

While you may have to use a few more pellets with this grill than with competing models, you’ll find that this leads to superior cooking performance.

Of course, the main reason to buy this grill over the competition is because of its massive size, which allows you to cook quite a bit of meat at once.

If you have a particularly large extended family or if you just love hosting neighborhood cookouts, the Cookshack PG500 is the right choice.

#3. Memphis Grills Pro Pellet Grill

This model from Memphis Grills is one of the most advanced options on the market, and it features a price tag to match.

The Memphis Pro is a grill that you buy for life, as is evidenced by its quality and extra features.

The hopper in this grill features a capacity of 18 pounds, giving you up to 60 continuous hours of cooking time.

The cooking area on this grill is 562 square inches, and while that may be rather spacious, you'll find larger grills available for a lower price.

Where this model excels is in its cooking performance, with a double-walled hood that is designed to keep temperatures high.

This grill can reach temperatures of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you're trying to do some ultra-hot searing, this will be the right choice.

This grill can also work with a wifi controller, meaning that you don't even have to be near it so that you can change the temperature.

#4. Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

With a more affordable price point than many of the other choices on this list, some may see the Davy Crockett as a bit more of a modest choice, but it is still a high-end pellet grill.

The price point makes sense for a high-end product when you consider that this is a relatively compact pellet grill.

Featuring 219 square inches of cooking space, this grill is excellent if you don’t have to cook large meals often.

While this grill may be relatively affordable, its small size meant that the designers could devote resources to some helpful features that make this model more user-friendly.

For example, this grill is compatible with an app that allows you to run it through your home wifi network using your smartphone or tablet.

You can do nearly everything through the app, including setting a cooking timer, changing cooking profiles, and even checking the status of the grill itself.

#5. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

If you like the idea of an affordable price point, but you want a grill that is a little larger, Z Grills has the right one for you.

With a main rack that has an area of over 700 square inches, you won't have to worry about breaking the bank so that you can use a pellet grill to make larger meals.

Smart Smoke Technology consists of a digital controller that helps keep the temperature at the ideal level.

This model also features electronic auto ignition, which makes the job of lighting the grill simpler, especially if you don’t have much experience with pellet grills.

This grill even comes included with a waterproof cover that you can use to keep it protected when it is not in use. 

The use of heavier steel in the construction of this grill means that it is more resistant to wear and tear when contrasted with models that are in the same price range.

#7. Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

With 700 square inches of cooking surface, the Pit Boss 700FB is meant to be a more affordable alternative when compared to the other large high-end models.

As with all of the best pellet grills, this model uses a chip to keep track of the temperature, ensuring that it doesn’t fluctuate too drastically.

This grill uses a convection fan to ensure that the heat moves throughout the whole barrel, with the vent positioned so that it circulates the entirety of the cooking space before being expelled.

While hot spots are a possibility from time to time, this even heating method ensures that they pop up very rarely.

Durability is one of the main advantages of the 700FB aside from its size. Made with heavy-gauge steel, these grills are meant to outlast the competition. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pellet grill that can rival the Pit Boss 700FB when it comes to value for money.

#8. Traeger TFB29PLB Pellet Grill

Traeger is known for making high-quality pellet grills, and this model is evidence of that.

The digital temperature controller on this grill does all of the work for you, adding pellets to the mix and regulating the heat so that it remains even and doesn’t burn any of your food.

With 300 square inches of cooking space, this grill is meant for medium-sized meals, though it features superior build quality when compared to similarly-priced grills that are larger.

This grill is also surprisingly portable, with a sawhorse leg layout that improves its stability while retaining mobility.

The wheeled half of the pellet grill features all-terrain wheels which are designed to deal with dirt and other obstacles without getting jammed.

This grill also benefits from auto-start ignition, making it much simpler to start a fire. As you can see, the Traeger pellet grill is one of the most user-friendly options.

#9. Louisiana Grills Whole Hog Pellet Grill

As you would expect from the name, the Whole Hog pellet grill is large enough to fit a whole hog.

Though it will have to be a small or medium one.

The dual electronic control panels on this grill allow you to precisely control the temperature, and the grill does a good job of managing the heat.

The 1” ceramic wall of this grill ensures that it will lose as little heat as possible.

Making this one of the more efficient pellet grills in its size range.

Due to its thickness, this grill features a relatively heavy lid, and it comes equipped with a shock absorber on the underside to dampen the impact when it closes.

When you’re done, you won’t have too much trouble maintaining this grill since it comes with an ash cleanout tool. Unlike other large pellet grills, cleaning this one out isn’t as much of a problem because it is designed to be more accessible.

#10. Smoke-N-Sear Pellet Grill

The Smoke-N-Sear may be relatively pricey, but this pellet grill features an immense cooking area of 788 square inches combined with excellent quality in its assembly and components.

One of the unique parts of this grill is that you can use both direct and indirect heat at the same time.

There are three cooking areas on this grill, and the first of them is an indirect heating area while the second is a direct heating area.

Finally, you also have the top rack which allows you to keep things warm.

The inclusion of double doors means that you can open a single one to peak in without losing to much heat.

While this grill may look old-fashioned with its kettle-black exterior and industrial look, you’ll find that it still makes use of the latest technology.

The digital control board coupled with the auto-start feature make this pellet grill an excellent option for beginners who want something high-end.

#11. Traeger Lil’ Pig Pellet Grill

When you compare it to the other grills on this list, the Traeger Lil’ Pig stands out a little bit due to its hot pink exterior and the porcine design.

Aside from the obvious exterior, you’ll find that this grill has about 425 square inches of cooking area with a hopper capacity of 18 pounds, allowing for larger meals.

The four wheels on each of the pig-shaped legs feature casters which can be used to lock them in place, ensuring that your grill doesn’t go rolling away while it’s burning.

The digital temperature controller used in this pellet grill seems a little more precise than in the competition’s models.

As you would expect, the exterior of this pellet grill makes it something of a conversation piece in your backyard, which isn’t a benefit that you’ll get with many other grills. Overall, this is a solid grill, but its most unique aspect is certainly its pig-like design.

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