Are Pellet Grills Worth it?

If you are up-to-date on the grilling scene, then you will most likely have heard about the famous pellet grills. These grills are popular thanks to their ease of use and even better temperature consistency.

Although they may be a bit on the pricier side, pellet grills can make tasty grilled meats with ease, and are extremely versatile.

If you are possibly considering buying a pellet grill, then look no further as we will try to inspire you with some of their benefits.

In this article we will help you to understand the benefits of pellet grills and give you an idea of whether they are worth it or not.

We will also look at a few factors you should consider before purchasing a pellet grill, to give you a better idea on what to look out for.

Amazing Versatility

Grilling On Pellet Grill

One of the best features of having a pellet grill is its versatility.

A traditional charcoal grill or gas grill simply doesn’t compare when cooking with pellets, as with this grill you are also able to smoke, braise, bake, roast, and sear your food.

This means you can have the chance to cook a lot more varieties of food and try out different recipes and cooking styles, including smoked meat which totally eliminates the need for a separate smoker.

The temperature is also a benefit of using a pellet grill as they mostly feature precision temperature control systems which can range from around 180 degrees to 500 degrees.

Adds Great Flavor

If you haven’t already heard, one of the main benefits of having a pellet grill is the quality and flavor food that you can prepare when using it.

Sometimes, when using more traditional grills, they can tend to leave quite a smoky or chemical taste on the meat after it’s been smoked. With pellet grills, however, the addition of smoking with pellets can make a big difference to the final flavor.

This is because the wood pellets used really help to flavor the meat, a whole lot better than when cooking over gas and charcoal.

Wood pellets also come in various different flavors, such as apple, peach, mesquite, pecan, oak, cherry, maple and hickory, which can all really make a difference to your meals.

These pellets can also be mixed and matched as you like, allowing you to discover the perfect flavor for your taste buds.

In fact, many professional chefs opt for wood when cooking as it provides the best flavor possible. Therefore, if it is top flavor you are after, a pellet grill is your best option.

Easy to Use

When it comes to cooking with a pellet grill, there are more advantages yet again.

Although some people may at first seem intimidated by their versatile design, they are actually not difficult to operate at all and in fact very easy to use.

Quite a few of the more recent grill styles have integrated one button start up controls, which means they will be super easy to get working.

As previously mentioned, the temperature control systems on a pellet grill is a lot better than more traditional ones.

These grills will be able to control the temperature throughout the entire cooking process, meaning all you will have to do is place the meat down and let the grill do its job.

They work similar to a convection oven, in that you won’t need to fear your food ever being cooked uneven. This definitely helps to give the BBQ chef complete peace of mind!

Most pellet grills also feature flare prevention, which can stop any troubling flare-ups from occurring.

What to look out for before you buy

Two Pellet Grills In Store

If you have never owned a pellet grill in your life, and are keen to get your hands on one, then be sure to check for the following factors when shopping.

Pellet Consumption

Not all pellet grills will consume the same amount of pellets per hour.

Some grills will burn 1 pound an hour, whereas others will burn around 4-5 pounds per hour.

Therefore, you should be sure to check what their consumption rate is in order to find out how many pellets you’ll need to buy. After all, you don’t want to risk running out of pellets halfway through your BBQ.

Space and Size

Pellet grills often have quite a generous grill capacity to cook on.

Some will also have large work stations attached which provide extra space to prepare your meat.

You will also be able to find pellet grills in a variety of different sizes, with brands allowing you to purchase small to large in most cases.

Temperature Control

A key factor to consider when purchasing a pellet grill is the temperature control system.

Most traditional pellet grills have antiquated timing sequences which maintain the temperature based on the weather.

This can sometimes produce very inconsistent results, especially if you are in a location with an unpredictable climate.

Therefore, you should look for more modern pellet grills as these will most likely have PID temperature control systems which cook at a consistent temperature, no matter the weather conditions.

These are reviewed to be very good, and really do cook food well, removing the need for the BBQ chef to be constantly watching over the grill.


Controlling Grill With WiFi

Technology can also be a factor to consider in a pellet grill.

Nowadays, some pellet grills even have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allowing users to control their grill from afar, and do things like adjusting the temperature or switching it on and off completely.

Final Say

Pellet grills are definitely going to continue being a popular option for grillers moving into the future.

The sheer amount of flavor, texture and taste they provide for your BBQ meat definitely makes them a good product to have, especially if you grill often.

We highly recommend purchasing a pellet grill this summer so that you can see just how great they really are.

So there you have it! We hope this article has helped you to understand the benefits of pellet grills and given you an idea of whether they are worth it or not.

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