Pellet Grill Covers

Grill Covers for Your Pellet Grill

A pellet grill is a fantastic investment for anyone that loves outdoor cooking. Easy to use and very versatile, pellet grills will take your cooking to an entire new level, with the ability to make some of the most delicious smoked foods around, while it’s also capable of grilling up a feast and even baking your favorite pie!

However, unless you live in warmer part of the country, there will be a time of the year when grilling season is over and you’ll need to pack up all your tools and leave them in storage until spring arrives (or just until tomorrow night!). Pellet grills are a quality investment and a serious piece of cooking hardware, which means you’ll want to properly store to make sure its in perfect condition and less likely to be damaged. 

Leave a pellet grill outside and at the mercy of the elements and it will be susceptible to rust and all kinds of issues that can be avoided with proper storage! Therefore, you should always consider buying a quality grill cover for your pellet grill to keep it safe whenever it’s not in use, whether storing for many months over the winter or just leaving it overnight! 

With so many options available, choosing the right pellet grill cover can be difficult, so check out some suggestions below:

Classic Accessories Veranda Pellet Grill Cover

While many grill covers are designed to fit specific models, this one from Classic Accessories is suitable for a range of grills, providing they fit within the 46 x 26 x 43” dimensions for the large cover or 37 x 18 x 36” for the medium cover. 

Both are good sizes and should fit a wide range of popular pellet grills – be sure to measure it first to make sure it’s the right size!  There are even some covers that Classic Accessories make that are specific to some of the more popular pellet grills.

It’s a very durable polyester cover that features a water repellent outer layer and a water-resistant laminated undercoating, along with a darker splash guard skirt near the base. The base has an elastic cord so snaps around the bottom of the grill to keep out all the elements, while the air vents ensure there are no issues from condensation and wind lofting. It’s also UV resistant! 

QuliMetal Heavy Duty Waterproof Wood Pellet Grill Cover

If you own any of the pellet grills from the Trager Pro 34 Series, Traeger Texas Elite 34, Traeger Century 34, Traeger Texas Pro., or any similar sized grill, then be sure to check out this heavy-duty grill cover from QuliMetal.

It protects against anything nature can throw at your grill, including sun damage, rainfall, snow, and dust, with the fade resistant fabric featuring a waterproof vinyl coating for year-round protection. Double stitching further improves durability, reducing the risk of accidental tears, which is a common issue with cheaply made covers. 

There is also a medium size option, which is designed to cover the Trager 22 Series Grills, which are on the smaller side than the 34 series but still a great range of pellet grills. 

Green Mountain Grills Cover 

There are two fantastic Green Mountain Grills pellet grills, the Davey Crockett and the Daniel Boone, so if you have either of these be sure to buy the compatible grill cover from Green Mountain Grills

Davey Crockett is one of the best portable pellet grills and is great for searing, while the Daniel Boone offers exceptional temperature control thanks to its fully programmable controls. If you buy either of these quality grills, then you’ll want an equally great cover!

These are made from Green Mountain Grills and feature double weaving and treated fabric that is resistant to water, UV rays, and dust, making them a great investment for any Green Mountain Grills product.

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