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We review products that make grilling a breeze.

Best Pellet Grill for the Money? A Look at the Top 3

Pellet grills are so popular than many professional chefs swear by them as the best choice for competition cooking. Leading pellet grills are after all highly versatile, allowing you to do far more than slap-standard grilling and smoking. With temperature control and reporting which is supremely accurate, to multiple cooking areas and more, high end […]

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Camp Chef SmokePro LUX Pellet Grill Review

Few things taste better than a smoked meat sandwich, and now you can make your own delicious smoked meats for your sandwiches with the Camp Chef SmokePro LUX pellet grill. This grill doesn’t use traditional charcoal or propane. Instead, it uses hardwood pellets, so all you get is that awesome wood smoked flavor. But, it […]

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Traeger BAC362 22 Series Grill and Smoker Review

A lot of people think that in order to be able to smoke meats at home, they need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a smoker. This isn’t always the case. For instance, you can get the Traeger BAC362 22 Series grill and smoker for less than $100, and it does the […]

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Traeger TFB42LZBC Lil Tex Elite Grill and Smoker Review

Who doesn’t love barbecuing in the summer? And, who doesn’t love delicious smoked meats? Now, you can have both, whenever you want, when you are cooking on the Traeger TFB42LZBC Lil Tex Elite grill and smoker. This may not be the largest grill and smoker on the market, but it is huge on features that […]

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Camp Chef Smokepro STX Review

How would you like to take your backyard grilling to the next level, and start making your own delicious smoked meats? You can when you are using the Camp Chef Smokepro STX. This is a combination grill and smoker, so you can enjoy smoked and grilled meals, and you can even bake, braise, and sear […]

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Traeger TFS60LZC Select Elite Grill and Smoker Review

There is nothing like the taste of smoked meats, but they can be pretty expensive to buy. You can save a lot of money by smoking your own meat, and there are several different types of smokers available in all price ranges that will do the job nicely. Take the Traeger TFS60LZC Select Elite grill […]

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Comparing 4 Traeger Pellet Grills

Any red-blooded male will tell you that when it comes to grillin’, size really does matter. However, with pellet grills you can stretch that a little bit simply because of how they work. Instead of having hot spots and uneven temperatures like on any other grill, cooking with pellets is completely different. Here’s where size […]

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All You Need to Know about Camp Chef Pellet Grills

Pellet Grills may have been invented not too long ago, in the year 1985, by the iconic Joe Traeger, but in that short span of time, it has become a beloved cooking appliance for people the world over. Backyard chefs especially, can’t seem to get enough of what a great job this appliance manages to […]

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