6 Of The Best Meats To Prepare In Your Smoker

Before you purchased a smoker, you probably spend a lot of time fantasizing about the best meats you could smoke in it and the flavors you’d be able to create.

There are so many wonderful options for smoking meats that you might not know where to begin when you finally get yourself this type of cooker, but eventually, you’ll want to try them all.

Which is the best meat for smoking then and which ones are better suited to this cooking process?

There are six types of meat famous for being smoked including turkey and beef brisket, with each one offering their own flavors and having a special method of smoking that should be followed to get the tastiest results.

One of the best things about owning a smoker is being able to experiment with the many types of meats and flavors that you can create.

This is the list of six of the best meats to prepare in your smoker and exactly how to achieve perfection with every one.

#1. ​Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket On Smoker

The most popular choice for a smoker is beef brisket, but it’s one that requires some time to prepare before cooking.

Once done though, the collagen inside the meat fibers meltdown and make it incredibly soft and tender.

Choosing the right cut with enough fat is essential, but so too is the choice of wood and spices you use to rub and marinate.

Apply the rub to your beef brisket and leave it overnight to marinate.

Once done, take it out and let it sit for around two hours so that it reaches room temperature before smoking.

Place it in your smoker for 1.5 hours for each pound of meat, and use a meat thermometer to ensure even cooking.

#2. Turkey

Turkey On Smoker

Turkey is a fan favorite at the holidays and there’s no better way to prepare it than in your smoker.

The best way to cook a turkey is whole and it should be brined for around one hour for every pound of bird.

A turkey tastes better with a rub applied and the longer you can leave this on the better.

To smoke a turkey in your electric smoker, it should be cooked at around 225 degrees farenheit.

You’ll want it to cook for half an hour every pound, and when it’s done it has to sit for an additional 30 minutes before you can serve it.

Turkeys dry out quite fast so keep the water pan filled during smoking.

#3. Deer

Venison On Smoker

If you’re an avid hunter you probably find yourself with no shortage of deer when you’re lucky, and smoking it is the best way to go.

Deer is usually dry when cooked but smoking it transforms it into something soft and juicy, regardless of what part you’re cooking.

To prepare a deer in your electric smoker, you’ll have to spend more time with the brining process, ideally letting it sit overnight in the fridge in brine.

Choose a sweeter fruit wood to accentuate its flavors and cook for 1.5 per pound, trying not to let the internal temperature reach more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

#4. ​Cornish Hens

Cornish Hens On Smoker

Smoked Cornish hen is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds but probably not the most common thing to be cooked at home.

This poultry was made for the smoker and it has a much nicer flavor than chicken could ever hope for when done.

To prepare a Cornish hen in your electric smoker, brine them for an hour per pound and apply a lot of rub for taste.

They need to be smoked for 45 minutes per pound at a temperature of 225 degrees Fahrenheit and the end result will be a crispy skin will soft meat on the inside.

#5. ​Salmon

Smoked Salmon

Fish smokes particularly well in terms of flavor and salmon is the best due to its high fat content and rich taste.

Other fish varieties include trout, seabass, and tuna, all with a lot of flavor and flavor. Once smoked, it can be eaten whole or mixed with other things like salad and cheese.

To smoke salmon, it only takes a few hours, but you need to brine them first for around 15 minutes before adding seasoning.

To cook, place them with a sweeter wood variety in your smoker and cook for around 3 hours at a lower temperature of 150 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

#6. ​Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs On Smoker

Pork ribs have a high fat content that absorbs the smoke and flavors, and smoking is the best way to prepare them.

They’re affordable and easy to find, pairing best with wood like hickory and apple.

Eating ribs can be done straight from the bone but the process of smoking them requires quite a bit of preparation.

To smoke ribs, you need to first remove the membrane from the back, and then brine them for at least 4 hours to keep them moist.

Rub them with your choice of spices and seasoning and then cook at a low temperature of less than 220 degrees and for around 1.5 hours per pound of meat.

Related Questions

Learning which meats are the best to smoke and how to prepare them perfectly is all part of the process of owning an electric smoker.

Here’s some information about preparing smoke meat that can help make it a little easier.

What Are the Easiest Meats to Smoke?

Any traditional barbecue meats are the easiest ones to smoke in terms of preparation and cooking time.

Pork shoulder, ribs, and beef brisket are the three most common cuts of meat that people start with because they’re easier to smoke.

Can You Smoke Any Meat in Under 4 Hours?

Smoking meat is a process that takes time, but some cuts of lamb leg may be able to cook in around four hours.

For the best results when smoking meat though, you should prepare to spend at least 8 hours for the entire process in the smoker.

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