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Masterbuilt 30” Electric Digital Smoker

​Masterbuilt 30” Electric Digital Smoker



Landmann USA 32948 Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker

​Landmann Smoky Mountain Smoker



Bradley Smoker

​Bradley 31” Electric Smoker



Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

​Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker



Masterbuilt 20071117 30" Digital Electric Smoker

​Masterbuilt 20071117 30” Digital Smoker


There are few things in life as delicious as perfectly smoked meat and if you’re a fan of this delicacy you probably want to know how you can get more of it.

Purchasing your own electric smoker is the easiest way to make your own at home, whether you plan on enjoying it for yourself or sharing it with friends and family at your next BBQ.

The search for the best electric smoker is no easy feat though, with so many variations on the market and a range of features and specifications to decide on.

With this buying guide, you’ll be pointed in the right direction of top rated electric smokers that have great reputations to help narrow down the search and find the ultimate cooking machine.

An electric smoker can differ quite a lot between models and brands, and ultimately it comes down to you as the cook to decide what’s best.

Thankfully, there are now hundreds of smokers on the market to choose from with an overwhelming amount of features, but sometimes having all of this choice can make the decision even harder.

With your own electric smoker, there’s no shortage of snacks and meals you can create with your own perfectly cooked smoked meats.

When you’re in the market for a specialty culinary appliance like this you want to be sure it can deliver, so check out our electric smoker reviews to see which ones we recommend for the tastiest and easiest results.

The Best Electric Smokers on the Market

Rather than spending hours going through electric smoker ratings and trying to find the top performers, we’ve done it for you.

These are our recommendations for the best electric smokers on the market to meet all budgets, requirements, and specifications you might have in mind and from some of the top rated brands around.

Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, there are some great choices for your next electric smoker.

Best Electric Smoker Overall: Masterbuilt 30” Electric Digital Smoker

​Our choice for the best digital smoker overall has to be the Masterbuilt 30” Electric Smoker, and it has so much to offer in terms of taste, ease of use, and size.

This is a 30” device capable of cooking enough meat for you and your friends to enjoy and it comes with 721 square inches of cooking space inside so there’s room to smoke 80lbs of meat if you need to.

What customers loved the most about this smoker was how easy it was to use, from the initial setup to smoking their very first piece of meat.

​It comes with all of the parts you need and a handy LED display that’s blue so you can even use it in the sunlight and still see what you’re doing.

This smoker handles the whole process for you so you can set it and forget it, which is why it’s such a popular choice.

There were a couple of minor problems with the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker though, and the biggest one was the mess it made.

Be prepared to spend some time in the cleaning up process of smoking your meat, and this is one part that hasn’t been easy with this device.

To make it easier, you could take out any chrome-coated racks you don’t plan on using so that they don’t have to be cleaned at the end.

The cleaning aside, there are plenty of great features that make this our top choice and one of the biggest we’ve found.

It has a drip deflector, front access drip pan, and easy loading system that takes wood chips without even opening the door.

You can cook smoke whatever you want inside including seafood, beef, and chicken, and because it’s such a good size nobody will go hungry.

To get this smoker for yourself, Amazon has it listed currently for just under $300 which includes the free freight straight to your door.

There’s a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty on this device, which is pretty minimal, so you’ll want to take extra care when using it.

For ease of use and delicious results, the Masterbuilt 30” Electric Digital Smoker is one of the best on the market.


  • ​Size: 30”
  • ​Material: Steel
  • ​Weight: 50lbs
  • ​Power consumption: 800 watt
  • ​Grill/smoker area: 721 sq inches
  • ​Warranty: 90 days

Runner Up: Landmann Smoky Mountain Smoker

​If you don’t want to spend too much on your first smoker and would rather learn the ropes with something smaller, the Landmann Smoky Mountain Smoker is a great choice for an electric device.

This is a 26” smoker with ample space to cook for you and your guests, and it’s got an easy front access door that makes cooking simple.

With a smooth black finish and three trays inside, you won’t need anything larger or flashier in an entry level electric smoker and it’s very reasonably priced as well.

​According to customers, this smoker can perform just as good as devices that are double the price.

It’s the best small electric smoker in this price range and the initial set up and getting your meat inside to smoke couldn’t be easier.

Another good point is that you can replace the heating element on this one when it starts to fail, which is a feature that premium smokers don’t have.

One major downfall was that the doors on this smoker don’t seal all the way shut. The result is quite a bit of smoke coming out unless you make your own adjustments.

You can purchase an additional sealer for around $10 so it still works out to be one of the cheaper options, but if it doesn’t sound worth the hassle then you could just upgrade to a more expensive one and save yourself the work.

Other features worth noting on the Landmann Smoky Mountain Smoker is the 3-in-1 combination tray that gives you more variety when cooking and the easy viewing window that lets you keep an eye on your meat inside.

It weighs around 33lbs so is one of the lighter ones to be found and you can easily set it up wherever there’s power to enjoy the tastes of smoked delicacies.

Unfortunately, there’s no word from Landmann on what the warranty period is for this smoker, so it could be considered a risky purchase.

To get the best price on it though you can shop through Amazon and get this particular electric smoker for around $150.

At this price, the Landmann Smoky Mountain Smoker is a great bargain and more than enough machine to keep you fed with as much smoked meat as you like.


  • ​Size: ​26”
  • ​Material: Steel
  • ​Weight: ​​33lbs
  • ​Power consumption: ​1500 watt
  • ​Grill/smoker area: ​431 sq inches
  • ​Warranty: ​N/A

Alternative: Bradley 31” Electric Smoker

​One of the more expensive smokers we’ve reviewed, but one that seems to be a fan favorite nonetheless is the Bradley 31” Electric Smoker.

This smoker comes with around 520sq inches of cooking space spread over four trays, giving you plenty of space to go crazy smoking all kinds of meats and delicacies inside.

It’s heavy duty and durable for people who want to invest in a smoker that’s going to last them many years. This digital smoker gives eight hours of controlled cool smoke and you can adjust the temperature up to 320 degrees​.

​When compared to others of this size, that’s pretty impressive, and it’s why many gladly spent the extra money to get it.

Better suited to the outdoors, it’s built well and one of the higher quality smokers, with people claiming they’ve used theirs for years without issue.

What people didn’t like about this smoker was that it’s pretty hefty in size, weighing around 57.5lbs in total and only giving you 520sq feet of cooking space.

This is quite a bit heavier than comparably sized smokers and could make it a challenge to move around which put some people off from the purchase.

There’s also no viewing window so you can’t keep an eye on what’s inside, which again could be a bit of a hindrance while cooking.

This smoker is made with a polished stainless steel interior that’s easy to clean, and a powdered epoxy steel construction that makes it look just as durable as it feels.

There are four trays inside to cook with and you can even make different types of meat at once.

With a fully digital controller and display screen, it’s pretty easy to adjust depending on what you’re cooking, which hopefully means no more burned meats.

Priced at around $360 on Amazon, it does make this pretty expensive, and there are other seemingly comparable smokers that come in a lot cheaper.

However, it comes with a 12-month manufacturers warranty to guarantee its quality and according to customers was pretty easy to assemble.

The Bradley 31” Electric Smoker is a serious device for those who know what they’re doing, and if you can afford the price tag then it’s definitely worth considering.


  • ​Size: ​​31”
  • ​Material: ​Polished Stainless Steel
  • ​Weight: ​​​57.5lbs
  • ​Power consumption: ​500 watt
  • ​Grill/smoker area: ​​520 sq inches
  • ​Warranty: ​​1 year

Best Analog Smoker: Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

​​For those who don’t need the digital touch when cooking their meat, you can save yourself some money and still get a quality smoker with the Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker.

This is a smaller sized smoker with a 20.7” width, but there’s still plenty of room inside to cook as you please.

You’ll get 544 square inches to cook with and the freedom to smoke multiple types of food at once, as well as heavy-duty insulation to reduce the smoking time.

​The best thing about this smoker is the double wall insulation which means your food cooks faster and more evenly.

Compared to other smokers that don’t have this you can tell a real difference, and it’s a welcome feature for something so affordable.

Customers also loved how easy it was to set up and transport, making it a truly portable little device. Everything is accessible at the front as well, so there are no tricky parts to maneuver.

There seems to be enough space inside for four racks but they’ve only included three which means you’re a tad limited in what you can cook.

Another negative that customers found was the smoke box was a little small and you will need to load chips in every hour to keep in running.

For the price, this is a small task but if you prefer a hands-off cooker you might want to shop around for something automated.

Other features on offer in the Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker include a water pan with a drip tray to keep meat tender, powerful 1200 watt heating element, and an easy to read temperature gauge mounted on the door.

Although an electric smoker, this is as close as you’re going to get to a manual thing, so if you want the genuine feeling you won’t be disappointed.

The Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker is budget friendly and available on Amazon for around $110 which includes shipping.

Not only that, but Char-Broil offers a one-year limited warranty on the smoker which is pretty surprising for this price range.

If you want affordability and analog control, there’s no better choice than the Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker.


  • ​Size: ​​​20.7”
  • ​Material: ​​Steel
  • ​Weight: ​​​​49.5lbs
  • ​Power consumption: ​​1000 watt
  • ​Grill/smoker area: ​​​544 sq inches
  • ​Warranty: ​​1 year

Best Electric Smoker For The Money: Masterbuilt 20071117 30” Digital Smoker

​When you want the perfect blend of quality and affordability, our top choice for the best digital smoker that won’t break the bank is the Masterbuilt 30” Digital Smoker.

The 20071117 model is far more affordable than its comparable model by Masterbuilt with a few simple differences that help keep the costs down.

This smoker has an integrated thermostat and total digital display, so there’s very little risk of getting things wrong, even if you’re a first-time smoker.

​This smoker is not a hefty one and its got a simple plug and play approach that might appeal to newcomers.

People who had never smoked meats before found it easy to use and with a fully automated process there’s very little risk of messing things up.

It’s pretty small and doesn’t weigh as much as you’d imagine, at around 39lbs its quite light compared to the other Masterbuilt smokers.

On the downside though, there are some features lacking which is probably where the lower price comes in.

It’s low to the ground so you can expect a lot of kneeling and bending, doesn’t look that impressive from the outside, and doesn’t give you much control over the smoking process.

Depending on who you are, these could be pros or cons, but serious smokers might want a little more.

Features worth noting on this 30” electric smoker include a fully insulated body for even cooking, a digital panel that helps you control time and temperature, and a side wood chip loader.

You get four racks inside to cook on and they’re chrome coated for durability, but this does make them a little harder to keep clean.

As with other Masterbuilt smokers, this one only comes with a 90 day warranty period.

This is pretty disappointing when you consider other brands offer a year usually, but because Masterbuilt is such a trusted name in these devices you don’t have anything to worry about.

You can get the Masterbuilt 30” Digital Smoker for around $220 on Amazon, so if you’re looking to save money but still get great smoking results it’s the best choice.


  • ​Size: ​​​​30”
  • ​Material: ​​Steel
  • ​Weight: ​​​​​39lbs
  • ​Power consumption: ​​​800 watt
  • ​Grill/smoker area: ​​​​N/A
  • ​Warranty: ​​​90 days

Commonly Asked Questions About Electric Smokers

Buying your first electric smoker can be a little overwhelming, especially when you start to read about their many features and how to use them.

We’ve got the answers to some frequently asked questions about these electric devices to make your search for the ultimate smoker easier than ever.

How To Use An Electric Smoker?

All electric smokers are made differently, but compared to a manual smoker the goal is to be as simple as possible.

Most smokers can be preheated and seasoned by adding wood chips to the tray and setting the temperature, and once ready the water tray can be filled and the meat placed inside for smoking.

The door is locked and more wood chips are added as needed, smoking the meats as long as required until it’s ready to eat.

How Should I Clean The Smoker?

Cleaning an electric smoker does take some work but each model has its own preferred method to do so.

Start by removing the trays and other parts first, and giving them each a wipe down with warm, soapy water.

Scrub the inside of the smoker and all sides, making sure to wipe it clean with water when you’re done.

Dry it off completely and place the trays and racks back where they came from before closing the door so it’s ready for the next use.

What Does The Drip Pan Do?

A water pan is found in all types of smokers and these generally serve two purposes, but it depends on the make and model of the device.

Firstly, water is placed in them before cooking to ensure that the smoked meat remains moist and doesn’t dry out.

Secondly, a drip pan catches any drips that come from your meat as it cooks and can make the final cleaning process a lot easier.

Can I Use The Smoker Without Smoke?

Smoke From Electric Smoker

If you prefer to cook something without smoking it, it’s best to use a standard oven to do so.

These devices were made specifically to be used with wood chips and create the smoked effect, and you may end up doing damage to them if you attempt to cook without wood.

Check the manual of your electric smoker to see what’s recommended and if you have to use the smoke as part of the cooking method.

What Type Of Wood Do You Recommend We Use?

The wood that you should use when smoking meat will depend on a few different factors.

The type of meat you’re cooking, how much you want to spend on wood supplies, and the final result you want from taste can all determine the best type of wood.

Regardless of the species, wood chips are always recommended as they’ll burn faster and deliver more smoke to cook the meat adequately.

The Ultimate Way to Achieve Perfect Smoked Meat

If you’ve watched from afar as your friends and family members enjoy their electric smokers and always wanted one for yourself, there’s never been a better time to start looking.

As you can see by our reviews, modern electric smokers come in all shapes and sizes and in varying price ranges so there’s nothing stopping you from having your own.

Depending on the type of meats you want to smoke, how much you want to cook, and where and when you want to use your smoker, you’re bound to find one that meets all of the requirements.

Having one of these smokers in your possession will totally change the way you barbecue and picnic, and whether you’re making a full feast or smoking snack meats you’ll love the authentic taste.

​An electric smoker can be as simple or as complex as you want, and if you take your smoking very seriously you’ll want to have absolute control.

With your own electric smoker like the ones we’ve reviewed you can have freshly smoked meats and delicacies in just hours, and love the cooking process of using your own smoker just as much as the final result.

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