7 Ways to Cook with a Pellet Grill

Today, people have a lot more options when it comes to outdoor cooking in the backyard. It used to be you had only a few choices; a grill (propane or charcoal) a smoker or combination of the two. Now, thanks to some new heating technology that can be found in a new type of backyard cooker, you can get the best of both a grill, smoker and so much more.

The new pellet grill system brings a unique heating system the is used in other types of household heating products. This new type of grill is so versatile that you can actually use at least seven different cooking methods using it. Imagine being able to cook everything that you use your oven to cook without having to heat up the inside of your house. The Pellet grill makes that possible, you can; Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Braise, BBQ & Sear

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Grill – Today’s pellet grill technology makes much easier to cook your family’s favorite meals right on the patio. Whether it is hamburgers, hot dogs, roast or some nice juicy steaks. You can cook with confidence that there won’t be any worries of unevenly cooked foods. The heat remains at a constant temperature thanks to advanced heating technology. The same heating technology prevents the annoying flare ups that can burn your food and spoil the taste for everyone.

Smoke – Slow smoking is a quite popular way to cook foods these days and then you can get great results from today’s pellet grill/smokers. The new advanced heating technology and high-quality wood pellets help to produce copious amounts of great flavored smoke that cooks your food and much lower temperature, which allows you to enjoy doing other things outside as your meat is cooking inside grill/smoker.

Bake – A unique, new way to cook on the pellet grill is baking, thanks to the use of convection heating. You now can bake most anything on this type of grill that you can bake in your kitchen’s oven. The constant even heat that is produced by the heating system at the heart of the pellet grill makes it possible. Since there are no worries about flare ups you can put your food in, close the lid and walk away.

Roast – The new pellet grills are perfect for roasting all of your favorite meats. You can prepare your meat and then place them right onto cooking great and your food will cook evenly just like it would inside your kitchen oven. You won’t have to constantly watch it as it is cooking thanks to the lack of flare ups that you would get with a propane grill.

Braize – The pellet grills slow even heating and the searing station is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite braized meats. Being able to cook the whole meal on a backyard grill was unheard of not too long ago. You would have to brown them on the stovetop and then pop it into the oven with a tight fitting lid in order to get the best results. Now you don’t have to do that and you will get the same delicious results.

BBQ – Cooking ribs, chicken, roasts, and brisket slathered with lots of BBQ sauce requires a longer cook time and the even heating of the pellet grill makes it the perfect choice for your backyard BBQ. There is a lot fewer flame ups with a pellet grill and it gives the added benefit of the smoky flavoring.

Sear – Nothing adds an extra bit of flavor to your meat like the bit of crust that forms on the top of the meat after it has been seared at a high temperature. The searing of the meat helps to lock in the juices into the meat so it doesn’t dry out during cooking. Today’s pellet grills are being made with or that can be fitted with an optional propane searing station. Having a separate sear box allows the heat to be pushed up to 900°F.

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